We make interesting cards for thoughtful people! ™

First of all, we make greeting cards that are visually interesting with original art carefully printed on quality stock. We believe that all great art begins with a story, and are keen to develop artistic themes around interesting stories that are pertinent to the season at hand.

Starting with the story brings focus and eloquence. The artwork becomes authentic, precise, and compelling. No detail is extraneous. No detail is neglected. Everything seems to belong precisely where it is. Depictions correspond to folklore. The unusual lighting, fauna, and flora all belong to the artic environment and give a sense of place. The result is a sense of complete coherence and an almost immersive experience.

Each card has a synopsis of its story on the back to further engage the recipient. You will find unabridged versions on this website. Our bias tends to be secular simply because those stories are less recited and more often surprising and interesting.

Finally, we mean thoughtful in the sense of thinking and intelligent, as well as the more commonly taken meaning of considerate. We hope that you find our integration of art, story, and sentiment to be thoughtful.


We try not to take ourselves too seriously. Seriously!

That doesn’t mean that we aren’t serious about what we do. We don’t sell nonsense... only interesting cards.

About Us

Swedcard, LLC is a Texas company headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Plano. The company was organized in May of 2011 to manufacture and market greeting and note cards. Some days, it seems like we’ve been disorganized ever since.

One Christmas, Gregg Gobeli received a card from Daniel Falck. Gregg now oversees the day-to-day operation of Swedcard, LLC.

Daniel is accomplished in pencil, watercolor, oil, acrylic, and digital media... as well as sculpture. He provides the inspiration and artistic vision of the company. Despite the lengthy commute, Daniel and his family continue to reside in the north of Sweden.

Daniel prepares the illustration for each card in his studio in Sweden. Camera-ready artwork for the production of each card is prepared in our Dallas office. Card stock is carefully selected to showcase color and detail. The cards are locally printed on a Heidelberg-Drück offset press using a process with four engraved plates and soy-based inks. We encourage you to examine the results with magnification.

Our cards, card stock, and envelopes are FSC-certified. The Forestry Stewardship Council seal on the back of each card can only be applied by an FSC-certified printer who verifies the integrity of the entire procurement and production process.

Both stock and envelopes are sourced in the U.S.

Our Products



Tomte with Squirrels

Tomte with Squirrels

It is late afternoon on an autumn day. The sun hangs low near the horizon and bathes everything in an eerie orange glow that seems to come from everywhere. The trees have lost their blanket of snow, but a thin smooth sheet still clings to the ground.

Tomtar had a deep affection for all animals and often provided treats for animals around the farm. Here one sits among Scandinavian squirrels, who are greedily devouring the pine nuts he has provided.

The sentiment for the card echoes our own alarm at how quickly the season has arrived.

Itʼs almost Christmas already!
Wishing you the happiest holidays!”

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