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The artwork on the front of each card is imaginative, incredibly detailed, technically precise, and thematic. The FSC certified card stock has been carefully selected to showcase color and detail.

The story on the back of each card touches on the origin of both Santa Claus and the modern Christmas elf. The story of the tomte (or Nisse) begins before recorded history. Its evolution is as much a story about us as it is about these creatures. You will find an unabridged version on this website.

Then there are the sentiments inside the cards. We wish a clever characterization for them was handy. Something kind... perhaps we should just leave it at “unexpected”.

We invite you to have a look around!

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Tomte with Bear

It is a clear winter noon in the arctic forest. The sun is near the horizon. The light is flat. Shadows are soft. Heavy snow clings to the pines, but the green hue that reflects from the snow below seems to come from everywhere.

In Scandinavia during the Romantic Era, it was the Tomte who delivered Christmas gifts. He is shown here delivering a small gift to a brown bear.

The position of the bear’s hands and the bear’s expression of delight say it all. I am reminded of myself sitting under the Christmas tree as a child.

The sentiment reflects on our own sense of what is valuable and precious.

“From the smallest hands
come the most precious gifts. Wishing you a lifetime of treasures. Merry Christmas”

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